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Preventative Maintenance Is CRUCIAL!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Often time preventative maintenance is over looked but by doing regular routine maintenance to your own or multifamily community, you can save significant money.

Preventative Maintenance Is A No Brainer.

We see it all the time. A owner or manager wants to save money by putting off a small problem. Whether it is a small water leak, some rotten siding, a spot on the ceiling, or even an ac filter! When these problems are ignored, they are turned into significant rot, falling drywall, broken HVAC systems or worse. Then when you call a professional, it turns from a few hundred to THOUSANDS of dollars.

Do Not Wait

These problems do not always require a professional. Often times watching a DIY video and reading some blogs can do the trick. Sometimes though, you are to busy or maybe the small problem is beyond what a owner, manager or maintenance team can handle. That is when you call a professional like Founders Maintenance and Restoration to handle you multifamily maintenance and home maintenance needs.

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